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Douglas McAdams was a technology practitioner by day, and a hydroponic enthusiasts by night (and also day!). His wide affinity to technology has allowed him to build and consulted many successful hydroponic systems and farms in the past and is regularly contributing to the advancements of hydroponic technology and its community.

Best LED Grow Lights Review and Buying Guide

led grow lights

Starting a new hydroponic project? Or want to upgrade your existing system? You might want to start with the grow lights.As one of, if not the most important part of the hydroponic system, having a proper and sufficient grow light can dramatically improve the quality of your system, increasing cost efficiency, and promoting better yields.ImageNameRatingPriceTaoTronics […]

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Best Wood Router for Your Home Improvement : Review and Buying Guide

How this article will help you?Whether you’re a hobby woodworker or a professional, one thing you’ll definitely need is a good quality router designed for your specific needs. There are so many routers available for shopping online that it might be difficult for you to decide which one you should buy and what the most […]

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