Best Crib Mattress for Babies: Product Review You Should Know as Parents

Babies usually spend most of their early years in sleeping environs, which necessitate the need for a comfortable crib mattress. To ensure they sleep soundly and peacefully, it is important to know the exact mattress that will suit a baby’s sleep. However, it is also important to purchase baby mattresses that look presentable and offer enough space for the baby. Different companies have offered a wide variety of crib mattresses that have unique colors and designs. The size of the crib depicts the allowance of space when the baby rolls in any direction. The right baby crib should blend well with the best baby mattress. It is common for most parents to be undecided on which one to choose, as there are several products that look similar yet possess different qualities. Most people would always judge the uniqueness of the mattress based on color or how thick it may seem on appearance. The baby’s mattress not only supports a child’s sleep but also improves their general health. It does so by allowing them to breathe and sleep peacefully. To ensure that you have chosen the best crib mattress for your baby, we have analyzed for you the five best products and the one that is favorable to the baby’s sleeping environment.

The top best crib mattresses

Newton Crib Mattress and Toddler Mattress

It is a comfortable baby mattress that is washable and possesses unique properties, suitable for the baby’s sleeping environment. It can be bought online and the price is reasonable on Amazon. Credit cards and other forms of online payment can be used during purchases. The distributors offer free shipping, which reduces the burden of transporting the mattress to your home. It depends on your current location as shipping across borders can attract some fee. It also allows the baby to sleep peacefully and breathe easily. It is made from woven air, which is comfortable and allows the baby to sleep longer.


It is washable, 100% breathable, hypoallergenic, 28 x 5.5 x 52 inches, 11 pounds, recyclable and non-toxic.


It is made of a safe material that allows the baby to breathe through it. This enhances freshness and reduces breathing difficulties while the baby is sleeping.

It supports the baby’s health the fact that it is made from woven air. This material is free from adhesives, latex, and foam. It is also hypoallergenic and reduces the chances of allergic reactions to the baby.

It can be washed easily which enhances hygiene and a safe environment for the baby during sleep.


Despite the unique properties of the baby mattress, its price is exorbitant which makes it difficult for most people to access it.

Organic-Cotton Classic Seamless Crib Mattress

The No-Compromise baby’s mattress provides the best results in supporting your baby during the early stages. It is waterproof with seamless edges providing a natural and healthy sleeping environment. The price may vary depending on different retailers. Its size allows for a perfect fit in toddler and day beds and passes all flammability standards. It has also been tested for chemical emissions which reduces allergic reactions.


It is organic, weighs 16 pounds, 6x 52 x 27.5 inches, 16 pounds


The product is safe for a baby’s health because it is certified and proved to be safe as it does not produce chemical emissions.

The mattress is made from a heavy-duty coiled innerspring that provides support and durability of the baby’s mattress. This makes the baby sleep comfortably for longer duration.

The fact that it is waterproof, allows it to be cleaned easily and does not allow through passage of water.


The heightened price might be un-affordable to most potential buyers thus reducing its accessibility.

Colgate Classica III

This is one of the best dual firm crib mattresses manufactured by Colgate Eco Classica Company. It manufactures a dual-sided crib mattress which is designed for a toddler bed. It offers a bonus as it can be used when the babies have outgrown their cribbed. It is firm and stable, reducing the possibility of the mattress to reduce in size.


Has an innerspring design, 51.7 x 27.5 x 6 inches, 9.4 pounds and long-lasting.


It has no odor which reduces the chances of hypersensitive reactions to smell i.e. sneezing

It is made from the organic cotton cover which is natural and supports the baby’s health.

It is dual-sided which offers different firm sides meant for the infant and toddlers.

It provides a perfect fit to standard crib sizes

It is light enabling you to change the sheets with ease


It may be costly thus making it un-affordable to most families wishing to access it.


If you live an organic lifestyle, or you simply want extra assurance that their sleeping space will be completely safe, look no further than the Sealy Cotton Bliss 2-Stage Organic Crib Mattress. It utilizes two stages of construction for long-lasting durability that will outperform and outlast most other crib mattresses currently on the market. Although it’s not exactly the cheapest option available, it does have some impressive features that are surely worth mentioning.

Features of the Mattress

Wet-proof organic cotton cover is soft and stains resistant without the use of harmful plastics. This gives you the soft, yet firm cozy surface to sleep on, with the ability to clean and disinfect with ease.

Using a unique 204 innerspring coil system along with 6 gauge border wiring, you can tell right away that it’s solid and built to last. This structure offers the essential support and firmness that you want to have to avoid SIDS.

6 EverEdge pylons offer strength and support where you usually wouldn’t find it.

Square corners make certain that there is a snug fit with the crib. Standard in size so it will fit just about any crib imaginable.

Made in the USA. Another point that consumers really enjoy.

Comes included with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. This gives you added peace of mind knowing that it will last for several years to come. In fact, you can use it for your next child, and also for the toddler stage.


100% Organic Cotton. No harmful phthalates, pesticides, fragrances, PVC, or harmful materials to worry about.

No smell. It doesn’t come with an artificial scent.

Fills out nicely. No gaps or holes when properly installed.

The lifetime warranty makes the higher price tag seem much more understandable.


Some may think it’s expensive, it may not be within everyone’s budget.

Only the cover is organic.

Your Baby Needs Support
Some new parents don’t fully understand the difference between a standard mattress, and a crib mattress. They are meant to be firm, supportive, and not too soft. Although the cover can be as soft as you’d like, the sleeping surface must not sink in too much when your baby is resting on it. The Sealy Cotton Bliss 2-Stage Organic Crib Mattress utilizes an innerspring coil system that provides the most ideal sleeping surface for your baby. The support is unmatched compared to some of its competition around the same price-point.


These products have been effective in ensuring the baby is sound asleep. It is important to know which mattress gives the best treatment to your growing infant. Newton Crib and Toddler mattress have been ranked among the best baby mattresses, because of their unique properties in supporting a baby’s sleep. They are easily available from different retailers and guarantee free shipping depending on your location. The mattress can be used when the baby is still in the early stages, or when they have outgrown from their cribs. It is also durable because it can be used for long without massively reducing in size. The material used in making this mattress also makes it unique in several ways. It allows the baby to breathe easily by allowing free circulation of air. It can also be cleaned easily to enhance hygiene. Though the price might be high, it delivers the expected results. It can be used by infants and toddlers at the same time, unlike other competing brands. In case you need a cheaper quality brand, you can go for Safety First Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress. It also has unique features that can help in supporting the baby’s weight for a long time.

The Colgate Classica III and Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress have also been effective in performing similar functions. They can fit perfectly in a baby’s crib without leaving spaces at the edges. This can be enhanced by buying a perfect baby crib that matches the size of the crib mattress. It is also important to assess the quality even though the product is cheap. Newton Crib and Toddler mattress becomes the perfect product because of its unique features and satisfies the baby’s sleeping conditions.