Best Mattress Queen Size: Zinus Mattress Reviews and Buying Guideline


If you’re looking for best mattress queen size, chances are that you might be suggested Zinus mattresses as these are the best selling mattresses in the market. The reason for their continuous demand is that they’re the best on quality and comfort and are available in reasonable pricing.

Like many other mattresses you see on the internet, Zinus can be purchased with free shipping option, whether you’ve bought through Amazon or The mattress can simply get shipped while being compressed inside box and is typically delivered between three to five business days since you’ve placed order.

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Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

After just experiencing the premium comfort and reliability, we’re going to review the Zinus Memory Foam Mattress with its feel and build quality. We’ve put this mattress to a number of tests and it has withstood in all aspects. With our unbiased Zinus mattress reviews, you’ll be assured whether this is worthwhile of your purchase or not?

In addition to mattresses, Zinus sells a huge range of bedroom accessories from topper mattresses to foundations. The price points of mattresses are lower, also for the budget mattress market. The mattresses sold by Zinus are also categorized depending on the features delivered by the bed.

Marketed as a product for “pressure relief” the mattress is available with thickness levels of 6”, 8”,10” and 12”.

The 12” mattress is comprises of four memory foam layers, high-density poly foam, poly foam and memory foam. The material combination is meant to form a gentle structure, which leads to body-contouring with deep sinkage.

However, one of the features marketed by the company for its bed is pressure relief. We’ll find out how?

Cover – The out layer is covered by polyester layer. With its thin size, it doesn’t affect the bed’s breathability.

Comfort – After its thin layer, you get a 3” memory foam layer. When applied with pressure the material shows a slow response. This creates body contouring and a lot of sinkage as well.

With the slow response you get good amount of pressure relief. However, with the thin cover you’ll develop the tendency of getting hot while sleeping with the memory foam.

The Zinus Green Tea Mattress

The Green Tea mattress incorporates the same memory foam with premium comfort and pressure relieving properties but it is infused with green tea and Acti Charcoal to eliminate all odors and completely absorb all moisture.

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The mattress is one of the most comfortable and safest options optimum freshness through it’s essential green tea blend.

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Zinus Bed Frame

The Zinus Bed Frame has been among the most demand bed frames in Amazon with its top of the line features. The Bed Frame is 14 inches high with 13 inches Clearance down the frame that creates a valuable storage space under the bed.

The bed can easily be assembled under a few minutes without any hassle.

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People of all sizes can easily fit in the bed without any issues faced in comfort.

Headboard can be connected with the use of Smart Base brackets.

Thus, with the availability of almost all essential features for a comfortable and sound sleep Zinus Mattress brings you the best lineup comprising of Memory Foam ideal for people who are looking for a value mattress with ideal size and are side sleepers.

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