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Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine
Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine
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Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

Classic Gaggia Espresso Machine supply is an Italian espresso machine provider Gaggia‘s range of appliances for domestic purposes. Filled with commercial-quality components, the Classic is enclosed in a striking and strong solid brushed stainless steel cover.

Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine Kit features the following apps:

It accepts E.S.E. Servings pods. This furthermore comprises a filter basket for those who have a preference for using ground coffee.

Chrome-plated brass porta-filter knob is of commercially design, weight and size for outstanding heat retention.

Commercial brew group plus commercial 3-way solenoid valve for utmost heat retention plus strength.

17.5 bar pump along with high wattage boiler for short heat-up time

72-ounce reservoir capacity

Cup warmer

Superior turbo frother creates frothing milk a break. The outer sleeve slides off for simple clean-up.

Accessories comprise single pod as well as double stainless steel filter baskets, 7-gram coffee as well as scoop coffee tamper.

Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine Kit is one of our best selling devices for a number of causes.

– Commercialized caliber: sturdy body structure of heavy materials for endurance.

– Elegance: Prefer between stainless steel housing, with a brushed or polished finish for an excellent look.

From the beginning, you identify you have a serious device. Gaggia takes great care to make certain the exterior of the coffee-machine appears serious and high quality, plus it doesn’t stop at the outer skin. Standard 58mm filters are utilized to present plentiful room for brewing rich, full espresso. The Classic Espresso features one of the heaviest porta-filters in the consumer machine world that is formed of marine-grade brass with chrome plating. 
The group head is also heavy gauge marine brass through chrome plating that offers outstanding temperature stability, something obtained from the commercial machines.

Deeper within you observe another commercial-quality feature – the three-way solenoid valve that offers instant pressure release from the group head once you absolute your espresso pull permitting you to eliminate the portafilter and organize your next shot, instantaneously. Inside you will come across a boiler encircled by warming elements drawing 1370 watts of power. This offers immediate warm-up times, though more prominently, lightning-quick recovery times, permitting you to pull shot after short devoid of little wait time. You can also locate brass lines and high-grade connections within, all signs of Gaggia’s serious attention to quality, detail, and longevity.

Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine

The Italian heritage is well brought out in the high-end look, Gaggia Evolution espresso machine. It comes in chrome and silver. It proudly is featuring many different business-quality components. Moreover, the Gaggia Evolution is a perfect mid-series espresso machine that can be chosen for home needs.

​​The important features of the Gaggia Evolution espresso kit are as follows:
It has sufficient space for the cup warmer.
With pride, it belongs to the commercial brew group. The plus point is that it has a commercial three-way solenoid valve used for maximum heat retention and perfect durability.
It successfully accepts the E.S.E. servings (pods)
Those who prefer having ground coffee can also include a filter basket in the instrument.
In order to have better heat retention, the instrument is proportionately manufactured with balanced weight and size. Therefore it is light-weight.
It has commercially designed, chrome-plated brass portafilter handle.
It comes with a side access capacity of a 44-ounce reservoir.
For short heat-up time, it comes with a high wattage boiler and 17.5 bar pump
The improved turbo frother helps in making bubbling milk a snap.
To make the process of cleaning much more easily, it has outer slides that are sleave for quick and perfect cleaning.
The other accessories that come along with this instrument are single/pod, coffee tamper 7-gram coffee scoop and double stainless steel filter baskets.
It measures 13.4″h x 8.7″w x 10.6″d.
It comes with two heating elements of Aluminum 3.5oz boiler.
The heat-defiant polycarbonate construction is present in two-tone black and silver, or Chrome and Silver.
Its other specifications are 1425 Watts – 110/120 Volts / 13.4″H x 8.7″W x 10.6″D / 15 lbs.
It is also available in Compatible with ESE pods or ground coffee.
The Turbo-Frother frothing wand helps in the making of macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, and more.
The other added plus point is that for convenience, the Gaggia Evolution comes with two stainless steel portafilter baskets. It is used for brewing double shots and for brewing pods and single shots.
It has all the look of the modern trend and design so rightly suit to the given atmosphere of usage at home or commercial centers.

The Gaggia Evolution is the right machine for the home barista.

Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine

Making gourmet coffee at home or office has never been better with the Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine. Just like other espresso machines, this coffee maker works in wonders. It is the ideal companion for coffee specialists because it can memorize your coffee preferences by its remarkable feature.

Gaggia Accademia has seven programmable options that can deliver you a perfect blended coffee espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, caffe latte, and more. You can even change the strength, and volume of the coffee by your choice. Furthermore, this Gaggia machine has a one-touch milk management system that can steam or frothed milk directly into the mug.

Gaggia espresso machines are a very friendly coffee device. They give us a treat of experience as they can sprinkle a spice in our life. The Accademia has a durable ceramic burr grinder that is built to have seven grind settings, which allow you to control a fair amount of ground coffee. In addition to this matter, Gaggia Accademia has a bypass doser to cater for different types of delicacy.

This attractive machine has a clever design that is perfectly fitted in any kitchen. The stainless steel front panel consists of instinctive push button controls, and it opens to reveal the removable brew group, and dregs drawer. This feature can be easily detached for cleaning purposes, and with its alarm system that notifies you if the drip tray needs to be emptied, or if the bean hopper needs some replenishes.

Cleaning this machine is never been a problem because of its alert system that notifies you all the time if it needs to be cleaned. It also has an automatic cleaning cycle that rinses the milk circuit every time you use it. The brew group is detachable so it is easy to clean. I never have to worry about a thing or two with this machine. It was made by to bring out the best quality of coffee, and most of all it is a heavy duty machine that has a package of everything you need.

One of the top espresso machines that I have encountered is the Saeco Xelsis Digital ID. This machine is perfect for cafeteria, and office use. I bet you are wondering what kind of magic it can deliver. Well, Saeco will give you an exciting experience once you started using it.

Saeco Xelsis Digital ID is a one of a kind super automatic espresso machine. It features a unique fingerprint reader that can store up to six different user profiles. The digital ID is located at the top of the machine, and it can quickly identify, and access the users’ preferences to deliver custom made gourmet of coffee. The machine is extremely reliable as it is easy to use.

It has the capability of making espresso, macchiato, cafe latte, and even cappuccino. Xelsis Digital ID will dispense complete coffee drinks into your cup. It is capable of grinding, tamping, brewing, steaming, and frothing. Furthermore, the machine’s one-touch aspects are magnificent in delivering pure quality of coffee beverages in seconds.

The machine has a lasting impression in terms of aroma and delicacy that you can compare for top coffee houses. The Xelsis Digital ID is packed up with a durable ceramic burr grinder that can stimulate coffee grounds. This coffee maker is wrapped in polished stainless steel body that can withstand daily use, and stunning chrome-plated accents. The design is truly elegant, and brilliant.

The Xelsis is one of the best super automatic espresso machines that I have seen so far. My experience with this mechanism is truly remarkable, and my love for espresso has gotten even deeper. Now and then, I will no longer go out just to have some coffee in Starbucks. It saves me a lot of trouble in making a cup of coffee every morning. On top of that, it is very user-friendly, and truly an economical machine to use.

The new Saeco Odea Giro Super Automatic Espresso kit is one of the finest Espresso machines offered by Saeco in their Odea range of automatic espresso kits. Packed with features and yet simple to operate, it comes with a contemporary lines and curves created by BMW Designworks USA for giving a good start to your day with the aroma of freshly ground and brewed espresso.

Armed with simple interfaces designed to offer you the quality and quantity suited to your tastes, the Saeco Odea Giro Super Automatic Espresso kit assures you consistency in flavor and aroma with each and every use. Its patented Rapid Steam technology helps to cut down on the time between coffee brewing and steam to just a few seconds, so that you get to switch between coffee, cappuccino, latte and macchiato coffee with total ease. The Pannarello frothing device displays innovation in the way it dispenses steam in three different directions, makes perfect frothing milk for cappuccinos and lattes, and even dispenses hot water for soups and hot drinks, all with a simple touch of a button.

The bean hopper has also been made quite exciting with integrated magnet to ensure that the hopper lid is closed before the machine is started. In addition, a rubber seal is provided on the lid to retain the bean freshness forever. As opposed to metal grinders used in other espresso kits, the Saeco Odea Super Automatic Espresso kit uses a ceramic grinder for a more consistent grind, perfect dosing and blending.

Moreover, the ceramic grinder works silently and offers long-lasting service over other grinders. Here also you have the luxury of choosing between three fineness grind settings for a perfect control over the density and body of your coffee. The Giro interface dial is simply amazing in the way it allows you complete freedom in choosing the volume of water which reaches your coffee grounds, and also the amount of espresso to be poured in to your coffee mug. The Saeco Optidose function pitches in to help you choose the amount of beans to grind in each serving. After one delivery, the machine cleans up automatically and is ready for the next order in less than 30 seconds. The cup warming surface is capable of holding up to 6 espresso cups at any time. Designed with futuristic technology in mind, the Saeco Odea Giro Super Automatic Espresso kit definitely makes an impressive statement in style and flavor.

Saeco Royal Coffee Bar Espresso Machine

Saeco Royal Coffee Bar Espresso Machine

Enjoy your nice cup of caffe latte while reading your early newspaper with the Saeco Royal Coffee Bar. This espresso machine works in wonders, and it delivers delectable gourmet coffee drinks. It is capable of making espresso, macchiato, and even mocha drinks in just a touch of the button.

Remember when buying Saeco Royal Coffee bar, and that is the default configuration of the auto plumb. The settings can easily be understood because there is a detailed instruction booklet when you buy this espresso machine. You can directly connect this machine to a direct water source, and an option for you to choose if you want the 82 oz. removable reservoir to position as the water source.

In terms of grinding, Saeo Royal features seven grind settings. You can easily adjust the grinding protocol between six to nine grams per brewing cycle. It is equipped with three programmable buttons that can be set to hand out the desired quantity of coffee to meet your taste buds. The adjustable dosing feature called the Opti-Dose system allows you control the amount ground coffee used for each refreshment. The professional conical burr grinder can grind from fine to coarse to furnish any method of coffee roast. Choose from a wide variant between light, medium, dark espresso, or regular coffee beans.

This coffee making machine is generally used for ground coffee. It is perfect for a coffee party, and it is suitable in both caffeine, and decaffeinated coffee. It also uses a traditional steam wand that perfectly froths the milk. Royal coffee bar is genuinely the ideal espresso machine for cream coffee, and it is very convenient in any cafeterias.