Lavazza Espresso Machines

The results of your choices determine your pick of appliances, furniture and consumer products. There are some consumers who find ‘cheap’ products more appealing than having to go for branded ones. This principle works similarly with your choice of coffee makers. Since coffee is a daily commodity for most homes, how are Lavazza Espresso Machines different from countless others?

Lavazza Espresso machines are unique in such a way that you’re getting rich coffee flavor with every cup. Why are Lavazza Espresso machines better than other brands? Their espresso machines work by making use of espresso pods, which saves coffee with every cup. An espresso pod makes for one richly-flavored coffee, so you’re not wasting coffee in one sitting.

Lavazza Espresso machines are easy to use and clean. Here are just some of Lavazza’s finest espresso machines out in the market:

Lavazza Espresso Point Matinee

This appliance is equipped with an espresso and cappuccino system. Features include pre-programmed settings, automatic coffee cartridge disposal, water-level control, hot water button, steam wand and no water line hook-up. This espresso machine is available in stainless steel and chrome.

Lavazza Espresso Point 850 (EP850)

This is a low-cost and smaller version of Point Matinee. With the unique Lavazza feature, this unique espresso machine serves great tasting coffee using Lavazza espresso pods and quick brew button. Additional features include red-silver design with chrome accents, 57 oz. water reserve, cup warming exterior and detachable drip tray.

Lavazza Espresso LB1010 Blue

It’s compact in size and would easily fit in counter tops in the kitchen or office space. This machine still uses the Lavazza espresso pods to bring out adequate coffee with rich flavors. This is compatible only with Lavazza Blue team and coffee pods.

Lavazza Blue LB2312

Innovative espresso and tea maker from Lavazza’s espresso machine line. It’s compatible with Lavazza blue capsule with setting programmed to brew lattes, espresso and premium teas. With additional features such as LCD display, adjustable pre-infusion cycle and 1 gallon water reserve.

Lavazza LB2810

Compact and easy to use espresso machine, the Lavazza LB2810 is perfect for offices and home use. This machine is equipped in preparing espresso with hot water reservoir for teas.

Lavazza LB3210

This espresso machine creates large amounts of coffee. It can accommodate eight beverages, espresso-based or non-espresso. Easy to manipulate and quick brew buttons, this machine is more suited for large coffee shops, restaurants and offices. Lavazza LB3210 is available in manual and semi-automatic programs.

Lavazza LB4710

Dual-function espresso machine for espresso and froth milk. This uses manual or automatic programs for your convenience. This machine is suited for high volume coffee with multiple blends.

Majority of the espresso machines you see have almost similar features. However, it always boils down to two things: quality of coffee and long-lasting use. Lavazza Espresso Machines are made with easy functions, rich brewed coffee and quality beyond compare! No costly monthly repairs or replacements — just pure coffee experience everyday!

Espresso Machines

Lavazza Espresso Machines
Lavazza Espresso Point Matinee
Lavazza EP 850 Espresso Machine
Lavazza LB 1010 Espresso Machine
Lavazza LB 2312 Espresso Machine
Lavazza LB2810 Espresso Machine
Lavazza LB 3210 Espresso Machine
Lavazza LB 4710 Espresso Machine

Lavazza Espresso Point Matinee

With a growing number of coffee enthusiasts, Lavazza’s mixed coffee blends consistently leave something to the senses. Originating from Italy, Lavazza’s popularity sky-rocketed and had become a major coffee exporter throughout the globe. Lavazza further extended their products by manufacturing quality espresso machines. Lavazza Espresso Point Matinee is one of the exceptional espresso machines under this brand.

Lavazza Espresso Machines has been known for its user-friendly appliances. Now, every appliance comes with instructions. To make the most of Lavazza’s Espresso Point Matinee, you’ll need to understand how this works.

Primarily, Espresso Pointe Machine makes a great residential coffeemaker. With its quick press button, you won’t need rocket science intelligence to create decadent brewed coffee!

Just like Lavazza Blue Espresso Machines, anticipate using espresso pods or cartridges. This is unique only to Lavazza Coffee Espresso Machines as these pods make enough coffee and won’t be wasted. These cartridges hold pre-measure coffee grounds — a better way to brew coffee minus messy coffee spills! These espresso pods come in a variety of blends from espresso to latte.

It’s important that you don’t set this espresso machine in tight corners. Just like any appliance, you’ll need a more spacious corner to avoid overheating it. Be sure to take it in a spacious counter where there’s enough air circulation.

When operating this espresso machine, you’ll need to fill its water tank before turning the appliance on. One great feature about this machine is you can set it with pre-set or manual volume, so you can place any cup under the Matinees grill.

Preset buttons are available for your preference. So with any cup size, you can brew any amount of coffee with manual or pre-set volumes. Use the manual button and start brewing into a coffee cup such as an insulated travel mug.

The Lavazza Espresso Point Matinee functions more than just an espresso machine. You can use this to create numerous mixes of coffee blends like cappuccino. To create a perfect cup of cappuccino, you’ll just need to add milk in brewed coffee and use the steam spout. With just a quick press button, you can instantly create a cappuccino using this spout!

This appliance is also equipped with a hot water container. This should be convenient for making tea, hot chocolate and broth. A quick press button allows hot water to flow freely off the container using the steam spout.

These are just some of the many qualities you’ll delight in with Lavazza Espresso Point Matinee. You can check out other product reviews in the net and weigh the pros and cons of this machine. And just like any appliance, consider budget, preference and quality in weighing your options.

Lavazza EP 850 Espresso Machine

Lavazza has been producing some of the best coffee products the world has known. With its line-up of rich coffee grounds, there’s no doubt that Lavazza always leaves something to the senses! More coffee aficionados are switching to Lavazza as this company continuously tries to push the boundaries of coffee blending. Lavazza also created a unique line of renowned coffee machines such as Lavazza EP 850 Espresso Machine.

The Lavazza Espresso Point EP 850 is one of Lavazza’s unique espresso machines to date. Compared with Lavazza Espress Point Matinee, this machine is more compact and affordable. This would make a great appliance for your home or office.

Consumers find it better to use this kind of machine with its easy-to-use buttons. Compared with more expensive and advanced espresso machines in the market, Lavazza Espresso Point EP 850 is made for convenience and simplicity. With just a push of a button, you’re ready to brew a cup of rich-espresso coffee!

This appliance only makes use of Lavazza pods or cartridges. These Lavazza Espresso Pods, capsules or cartridges are a real coffee saver! Unlike most coffee makers, these pods are really convenient and easy to use without sacrificing the rich coffee flavor. All you have to do is insert the capsule into the container and twist the lock then just hit the brew button!

This coffee machine is equipped with semi-auto settings. This machine won’t stop brewing unless you press again the button and release a specific amount. Just like Pointe Matinee, EP 850 is also equipped with a steam wand suited for making latte or cappuccino. Just press the steam button and a signal light will indicate that you’ve reached the right temperature for frothing milk.

This compact coffee maker is just right for single-dose coffee, making this a perfect investment for long-term use coffee maker at home or in the office. It doesn’t require much maintenance as this won’t require constant cleaning with its Espresso capsule pre-mixed coffee blend. So enjoying your cup of coffee everyday won’t be a hassle with Lavazza Espresso EP 850!

EP 850’s red and silver combination gives a more edgy design compared with Pointe Matinee’s conservative theme. Other features include a cup warmer, a water reservoir that can hold up to 57 ounces of water and a detachable drip try.

The Lavazza EP 850 Espresso Machine is one of the most convenient, compact and easy to use appliance out in the market. Its unique coffee cartridge is only available for Lavazza Espresso Machines. So if you’re planning to buy a coffee maker worthy of your money, then this espresso machine fits your needs just right.

​Lavazza LB 1010 Espresso Machine

Lavazza’s immense popularity started from Italy to the world. Its traditional espresso and other unique coffee blends had been a hot commodity in homes, restaurants, coffee shops and other public establishments. Today, Lavazza also branched out to making superb coffee machines. If you’re tired of the conventional coffee machine, you might want to take a look at what Lavazza LB 1010 Espresso Machine has to offer.

Lavazza’s unique coffee machine line includes Lavazza Pointe Matinee, Lavazza EP 850 Espresso Machine and Lavazza LB 1010 Espresso Machine. All are equipped with specific functions and designs.

Lavazza LB 1010 Espresso Machine is made for the contemporary man. Nowadays, most people would go for compact yet efficient appliances in their homes, offices and even public establishments. This coffee machine definitely hit all the right features with its modern take in creating instant brewed coffee!

The LB 1010 Espresso machine easily fits small corner spaces. If you want to keep everything simple and organized, then this coffee machine should suit your taste. It measures 12”x14”x12” and weighs around 22 lbs. It’s lightweight, easy to move and use!

This coffee machine uses a conventional steel-polished exterior to blend easily with contemporary kitchen themes. It can only serve a single-dose coffee in one sitting. So if you’re looking for a commercial coffee maker, then LB 1010 might not be a good option.

LB 1010 Espresso Machine can accommodate other hot beverages like tea and hot chocolate. Just use the steam spout to take out hot water from the reservoir.
A built-in steam wand should come in handy in making a cappuccino or latte. Just turn the steam dial and you’re set to make a great tasting cup of cappuccino!

Just like most Lavazza Espresso Machines, you’ll need Lavazza BLUE capsules for the LB 1010 Espresso Machine. These capsules come in various pre-mixed coffee blends, so you don’t have to worry about mixing coffee anymore. All you need to do is to just insert the pod in the container, push the button for brewing and then wait until it stops. With no more coffee spill, you don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning this appliance.

Lavazza LB 1010 Espresso Machine is definitely more compact and convenient for small spaces. You’ll likely find in most reviews that this machine does the job very effortlessly. With features this convenient, you won’t need another coffee machine for a long — long time.

Lavazza LB2810 Espresso Machine

For more than a century, Lavazza Coffee Company has been a reputed manufacturer of quality and rich coffee blends. From homes to big time cafes, Lavazza makes certain that you’re taking great coffee with every cup. In this light, Lavazza also manufactures some of the best coffee machines used in countless homes and food joints today. From its line excellent coffee machines, Lavazza LB 2810 Espresso Machine is one of Lavazza’s best-selling commercial coffee makers.

For the most part, Lavazza is known for its rich pre-mixed coffee blends. From traditional espresso to cappuccino, its exquisite taste always leaves an impression. Lavazza coffee is definitely becoming a popular commodity in homes and public establishments around the globe. For Lavazza coffee lovers, espresso machines under this brand would be a welcoming addition in any home, office or commercial establishment.

The Lavazza LB 2810 Espresso Machine has a stainless steel polished exterior. If you’re the type to go for conventional designs, then this coffee machine should blend it perfectly with your current settings.

This coffee measures 17”x 12.7”x 18.5”, so this won’t take much space. It’s best to place these in well-ventilated and cool areas. Avoid placing it in tight corners to prevent overheating.

It features pre-programmed buttons for faster and easier manipulation. So you can just press for brewing if you needed a quick espresso. This machine also features dual spout for espresso and a steam wand to froth milk. A cappucinatore button makes for quick cappuccino orders. It just automatically draws the milk from the milk container and you’re set for instant lattes and cappuccinos! There’s also a steam wand version of this coffee machine.

This coffee machine also has a hot dispenser suited for making other beverages like tea and hot chocolate. A built-in cup warmer acts a ‘pre-heated’ container to keep your coffee hot.

If you’re operating a small service restaurant or café, this might be a good bargain. It’s still smaller compared with most bulky coffee machines out there in the market. It’s a sound investment if you’re looking for long-term use with quality results.

Lavazza LB 2810 Espresso Machines is a good investment. Not only is the brand reputable to carry quality products, this coffee machine does the work just as efficiently. If you compare with most coffee machines today, you’ll see that the LB 2810 espresso machine has multi-functional features with quick buttons for easy brewing. You can check out other Lavazza Espresso Machines for your home as well.

Lavazza LB 3210 Espresso Machine

From Turin Italy to the world, Lavazza has earned its reputation for producing some of the finest coffee the world has ever tasted. Lavazza Coffee Company has been operating for more than a century and continuously produced top-quality premium blends like espresso, cappuccino, latte and other gourmet coffee mixes. With sky-rocketing popularity, Lavazza also opened its doors to manufacturing coffee machines such as Lavazza LB 3210 Espresso Machine.

Lavazza’s brand is recognized for its rich Italian espresso and other premium coffee mixes. There are two main lines of Lavazza Espresso Machines: Espresso Point and Lavazza Blue. Though these two technologies still hold the Lavazza trademark feature, Lavazza Blue covers more of the more sophisticated and commercial coffee makers.

Lavazza Blue 3210 Espresso machine is made with a sleek silver exterior equipped with the Lavazza trademark features. If you want a coffee machine that blends in nicely with its surroundings, then this coffee machine should do nicely with highly efficient functions.

Compared with the Espresso Point espresso machines, this coffee machine is suited for commercial purposes. If you’re running a large restaurant or café, then this would make a great coffee machine that caters to multiple coffee demands.

Unlike most coffee makers, the LB 3210 Espresso Machine is made with automatic and semi-automatic systems. Primarily, this coffee machine functions for espresso-based drinks. With unique dual function buttons, you can create espresso and other beverages manually or use a pre-programmed brewing system.

This coffee machine can serve up to eight beverages, all of which are primarily espresso-based. This would work great with crowded cafes and other establishment where coffee is the main commodity.

With 19.3”x16.1”x25.6” measurements, you’ll need a more spacious counter for this coffee machine. Make sure that you don’t place this in tight corners. You want to preserve the integrity of this appliance. Be sure that the place is cool and well-ventilated to avoid overheating. It weighs 84 lbs when empty.

This coffee machine might look sophisticated but with quick buttons, you won’t have a problem handling eight servings of coffee in one sitting. If you’re going to purchase this, you’ll be getting quality appliance, efficient functions and premium coffee results compared with low-cost traditional coffee machines.

If you’re looking for quality and long-lasting coffee machine suited for business, then the Lavazza LB 3210 Espresso Machine should make a good investment. The number of coffee it makes in one sitting looks reasonable and caters to multiple orders. You can also check other Lavazza coffee machines like Point Matinee, LB 4710 and LB 2810 for variation.

​Lavazza LB 4710 Espresso Machine

Lavazza is one of the leading coffee manufacturers exporting quality coffee grounds around the globe. Consumers simply loved Lavazza’s premium coffee blends and rich espresso taste. On this note, Lavazza’s products also expanded to creating excellent coffee machines for home and commercial use. And Lavazza LB 4710 Espresso Machine is one of its top-selling commercial espresso machines to date.

Lavazza Coffee Company has been in this industry for more than a century. Originating from Turin Italy, Luigi Lavazza created unique combinations of coffee blends aside from its traditional espresso taste. From Italy to the world, Lavazza has graced homes and countless cafes with its quality products.

​Lavazza Espresso Machines also made its mark in countless homes with its easy-to-use single-dose coffee machines from the Espresso Point product line. From hereon, Lavazza also manufactured top-quality espresso machines built for tougher demands. From the Lavazza Blue line, LB 4710 Espresso Machine is one of its best-selling coffee machines to date.

Its design is flexible and can blend in easily with your current surroundings. Silver and chrome make its elegant yet contemporary design for an espresso machine.

Compared with commercial coffee makers, its upper portion holds numerous cups for your convenience. Just choose any cups from small to large cups for any given beverage.

This coffee machine can create multiple coffee mixes at any given time. If you needed an espresso, latte and cappuccino at the same time, this appliance does the job efficiently. For multiple coffee orders, this should be handy equipment to have in your café. You’re cutting down the man power with this single appliance.

With 22.1”x28.4”x20.9” measurements, you’ll need a larger space for this appliance. Though this coffee maker is built for demanding tasks, you don’t want this coffee machine overheating. This coffee machine efficiently works the whole day.

Living up to the Lavazza Blue trademark, this commercial coffee machine is built for multiple tasks. It’s equipped with an automatic cappucinatore for those rich-textured cappuccinos. Just push the button and you’re all set!

Other common Lavazza trademarks such as the dual-head functionality is also found in this machine. One outlet serves espresso while the steam wand acts as a milk frother for cappuccinos and latte.

It can hold a larger amount of water compared with its Lavazza counterparts. You can just use the steam spout to let hot water flow. This makes it more convenient for creating other non-coffee based beverages like hot chocolate and teas.

If you want to make a lasting investment, then the Lavazza LB 4710 Espresso Machine should be a great addition in your establishment. Catering to multiple coffee outputs in a single sitting, highly efficient and premium coffee outputs are just some of the things you’ll be expecting with this appliance. Overall, this makes a great coffee machine than handles demanding tasks efficiently.