Best Home Theater Projectors Reviews and Buying Guideline

H1Projector is certainly a video-signal image projector and projections the associated image on the screen using a lens device. For classroom and business church and community groups as well as for home theater use, it is common and powerful presentation tools. A related video projector often referred to as a digital projector can project a single unified display system onto a traditional reflective panel or it may be included in a cabinet with a translucent rear projection panel. Video projection technologies are rapidly evolving from home-based theater projectors to business projectors and portable projectors that work easily with smartphones and laptops.

Projectors may deal with creating a special experience in the cinema. They show the largest possible picture in the home or they can create smaller pictures to replace an ordinary TV which can take up more room. These are more economical as compared to televisions, these use less energy and are super easy to set up. Video projectors start with the Pico projectors with the smallest number of projectors that suit your budget and end by using the largest local cinema projectors.

Types of Video Projectors

1. 3D Projectors
Recently 3D projectors have come quite away. Nearly all home entertainment manufacturers now have 3D versions. Many people are familiar with the concept of 3D movies and projection because many times over the years it originates interior and exterior design.
Thus far 3D has been available primarily in cinemas but projector functions and features launching 3D ready projectors that add 3D to the office and residential classroom. Costs are falling and submissions are becoming ever easier to get. Most cable service providers sell also 3D channels and services.

2. Pico Projectors
Pico Projectors are lightweight and compact, making it easy to hold them and providing high-quality brightness and commitment for the images you need to project given their limited scale.
Although tiny of the currently available powerful Pico projectors will work wonderfully to display every aspect of your business whether this stuff is represented in graphs of photographs videos or just about any other medium.

3. Pocket Projectors
Pocket projectors gain their name by being compact enough to fit into your jean pocket and weighing more than 0.75 lbs. Such projectors are extremely simple and are also ideal for portable use. Compared to the smallest size class pico projectors, however, the bulk may be the main difference rather than weight. Although marginally larger than their tiny pocket projectors in competition, they pack more power.

4. Portable Projectors
Portable projectors on the go solution are easy and are thus rapidly advanced every day. Practical applications include, for example, traditional PowerPoint presentations, and immersive presentations with videos and sound. Unlike a tiny projector, enjoy pictures videos and browse the web from the large projection. Beyond exhibition, portable projectors go into the domain of 3D gaming and cell phone integration.

5. Interactive Projectors
Interactive projectors interactively render every surface inside your classroom making for an engaging environment that can help teachers and students learn. Wherever the instructional imagination goes, project on existing projection screens or whiteboards or directly onto the wall. It removes the need for some kind of special screen.

6. Classroom Projectors
As multimedia is continuously embedded our students in daily life have grown to be surrounded at every turn by video experiences. The classroom is not to be the best. A new immersive opportunity to learn classroom projectors has evolved into a brand new teaching resource to help make the most of the training experience to help usher within.

Imagine browsing the net study quest using the whole class interested in what’s found. Or let’s say you can use instructional videos to help captivate students on the daunting subject A projector introduces sights and sounds to the classroom and provides a visual source for almost everything you can connect to.

The Buyer’s Guide for Projectors at My Home Product

Bearing in mind the selection of a good projector, knowing what video projector requirements mean is important. You can easily get confused because of so many different projectors that are available on the market. What projector if you undertake to choose from the over 300 models available on the market This fast guide has been created to support you. We answer a few questions that will help you find a projector that will fulfill your wishes.

Which aspect ratio do you want?

The aspect ratio may be the ratio between the width of the picture and the height.
The projectors are divided between the shape of the 4 3 computer monitor and the aspect ratios of the 16 9 widescreen TV type.
The 4 3 projectors are often employed to make use of providing a computer for business purposes. The 16 9 projectors can be used to project DVDs for home cinema.

In widescreen business projectors, a 16-10 aspect ratio is also observed. These projectors happen to be designed for use with widescreen computers while home users can also use them.Most projectors are matched to certain aspect ratios whether they are 4 3 16 10 or 16 9 or not. Inside the projector menu, a simple choice will switch the picture between formats. However, apart from its native aspect ratio, it is not advisable to use a projector within a format because it will stretch the look or miss areas of the image.

What resolution is best for you?

The resolution is one of the most significant factors in deciding the amount of information that you’ll find. The very first number on the display expresses for computers the number of pixels wide the screen is the second number expresses how large it is.
For example, a 1280 X 720 resolution LCD projector means the screen is 1280 pixels high and 720 pixels wide. However, the numbers represent the lines per inch you can find on the test pattern for a particular video projector. Either way, resolution reveals just how much detail the look might have. UXGA SXGA XGA and SVGA are from the best specification of at least the 4 major forms of resolution. A UXGA projector can have the lowest standard resolution of just 1600 x 1200, whereas SVGA can have 800 x 600. Do you need just a projector to view SVGA PowerPoint presentations suits your needs? Nonetheless, pick a higher-resolution projector if you are using a much more graphics-intensive video.

How bright should it be?

Brightness is essential to image quality. The brightness of a projector is expressed in lumens. Lumens for smaller brightly lit rooms range from 500 to at least 1000 for small dark rooms to over 2000 lumens for smaller. Buy a projector that is optimized for the uses you intend to be most brightly lit. The bigger the size of your monitor, the greater the brightness you’ll need.

How much contrast do you need?

The contrast ratios listed on the spec sheet of the projector could be recorded in two ways in a line. If it’s just saying Contrast, it always shows On-off contrast the ratio of the whitest white and also the darkest black the projector can make.
If it says ANSI contrast the ratio tends to be focused on showing a black and white square checkerboard pattern and calculating the relative brightness of each. On-off contrast is certainly a considerably greater number and much more generally for sale on projector spec sheets but ANSI contrast is probably a little more accurate representation of the things that your projector really will show in almost any given scene. Remember that none of these figures tells the whole story and only taking all numbers into account gives a reasonable estimate of the capabilities of the projector.

The Powerfully Bright Optoma Hd26 Projector

The Optoma HD26 is a decent looking projector for a real cheap projector. In reality, the HD26 is an extremely cost-effective single-chip DLP projector designed for super-sized home entertainment in Optoma’s own words. Critical features have a superb 3200 ANSI Lumens light output and also support for MHL playback through one of its HDMIs. The bright HD26 is perfect for watching TV shows, sports, and movies or possibly playing action-packed games with a big screen.

• Outstanding value for money
• Outstanding image quality
• Good photo-calibration options

• Too much optical zoom
• Colors need careful dealing with

• Slight rainbow effect
• Full HD 1080p resolution for the sharpest, most accurate image
• All digital compatibility, 2x HDMI ports (free HDMI cable included)
• MHL compatible HDMI port, view of videos, games and web content from your mobile phone or tablet
• HDMI Connection for easy single-remote interoperation with other HDMI CEC activated devices and up to 300 “diagonal image.

Home theater experience HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) – 3200 Lumens The all-digital Optoma HD26 is the perfect projector for contemporary digital home theatre. Equipped with high-performance video processing, it provides an incredible 3200 lumens bright picture with a contrast ratio of 25,000:1, the Optoma HD26 produces fantastic quality, full HD 1080p video with superb clarity and superb color reproduction.
With advanced features and its HDMI connectivity Optoma HD26 will make your home theater shine, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and other gaming consoles, compatibility with MHL, full 3D compatibility for seamless integration with your favorite Blu- 3D player, 3D VESA sync port for RF 3D compatibility, Dynamic Black for enhanced black levels, 12V jack for motorized screen automation, back- .The Optoma HD26 has flexible brightness settings that allow your viewing environment to be customized.
The HD26 is designed in a high bright mode for displaying 3D content and 2D images in rooms with greater ambient light. The HD26 brightness for use in dedicated home theaters and dimly-lit rooms can be changed to lower settings. Lifespan is extended when setting at lower brightness light. Projector Features Total 3D Compatibility Dynamic Black MHL Connectivity Optoma projectors can view true 3D content from almost every 3D source, including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D television and the latest generation games consoles. Support for a quick refresh rate of 144Hz provides photos that are free of ultra-smooth flicks. This feature gives your picture more dimension by smoothly changing the output of the lamp, based on each frame’s brightness information; to create a stunning high contrast ratio.

Bright scenes appear bright and simple while dark scenes remain complex with deep blacks and incredible nuances of light and shadow. Transform your projector into a smart display by using MHL to connect your smartphone or tablet to a single cable; now you can play games, stream videos and share images on the big screen.

What Is In The Box?

Input / Output Connectivity Chart HD26 projector lens cap AC power cord remote control batteries for remote multilingual CD- users manual quick start card warranty card View larger 3D Vesa HDMI 1/MHL 12V Out HDMI 2 Power Stereo Audio- USB mini- View larger technology DLP technology BrilliantColor Technology Green By Design Creates sharp images and incredible videos.

Advantages: Consistent color accuracy: BrilliantColor provides up to 6-color processing to create on-screen precise and vivid colors. Outstanding readability: The dark blacks and bright whites ensure text and charts are easy to read, with strong native contrast ratios. Quick Digital Video Performance: The DLP chip has a super-fast response time of 16 microseconds and can easily accommodate refresh rates of up to 144Hz. The HD26 uses BrilliantColor Technology of Texas Instrument.
For pin-sharp graphics and crystal-clear text, DLP projectors use advanced color processing to create outstanding contrast ratios. The crisper whites and the ultra-rich blacks mean that pictures come alive and the text can be read easier.
The HD26 has been engineered and manufactured for eco-friendliness, to
(1) use 0.5-Watt power usage in idle mode – savings of up to 75 percent compared to standby mode,
(2) reduce energy use, with automatic shutdown and remote control,
(3) use long-life materials and components,
(4) use lead-free components on all printed circuit boards,
(5) use no polystyrene.

How Is The HD26 Better Than Its Predecessor?

BenQ HT-series HT1075 1080P Excellent HD Home Theater Projector Made Simple With Wireless

For BenQ’s latest generation Wireless Full HD Kit, the HT1075 frees you from cabling problems, positioning issues and even extra remodeling expenses. Possibly, the HT1075 could get up to 100-inches at just under 8 feet. In essence, plug it in, and go. We can see this being the highlight of an outdoor movie night, or maybe a nice way to take film night up a notch in the family room. Besides, the HT1075 provides a latency-free performance ideal for both fast-action and motion-sensing sports.

• Absolutely no photo shakes even during the big party
• The consistency of the photo is certainly excellent
• Color accuracy is outstanding

• Shows some judge and tiny rainbow items in movies.

• Display noticeable noise from fans.
• Limited to change (lens shift, zoom)
• Original Full HD 1080P (19201080) Resolution
• 2,200 ANSI Lumens, 10,000:1 High Contrast Ratio
• Dual HDMI, MHL Connectivity
• Optional Full HD Pack, Wireless Reader
• Built-in 10W speaker, 2D Keystone, 3D Full HD.

With the HT1075 you can experience cinematic quality right at home. Delivering 2,200 lumens, the HT1075 provides you with BenQ Colorific technology to enjoy accurate, crisp and long-lasting colors. Enjoy wireless streaming content. Installation is simple.

With a New-Generation Wireless Full HD Kit

Home entertainment is only one button push away. The HT1075 living room projector is filled with the wireless projection capabilities of the latest generation of BenQ – a projection feature that gives you 100 inches of 1080p uncompressed Full HD fun wherever and wherever you want – no complicated setups, tangled wires or remodeling costs. Plus, use is as simple as any home appliance. With BenQ’s new-generation Wireless Full HD Package, the HT1075 frees you from cabling problems, positioning hassles, as well as additional remodeling costs. This powerful kit, which is available as an optional accessory, allows the HT1075 to stream uncompressed, stunning 1080p Full HD content wirelessly – and with 3D support. You can also enjoy your content from the cloud through an MHL connection. And you can sit back, relax and enjoy the movies and games you love.

One-Time Setup
Just a few steps are needed to set up the kit once and for all to give you the comfort of plug-and-play just like no other. If all is properly wired, the transmitter and the receiver will automatically pair up with the HT1075 when you first power them on – and turn on to re-connect with the projector any time afterward.

Fluid Cross-Room Streaming
The HT1075 comes with wireless coverage up to 30 meters (100 feet) away at the sightline and four built-in antennas to ensure the highest streaming quality through the doors of the cabinet and from one room to another. The home projector also provides a latency-free experience that is suitable for playing games with quick action and motion sensing.

10W Immersive Sound Performance
The built-in 10W resonant chamber speaker is expertly tuned to enhance the quality of the HT1075’s audio playback with deeper base tones, providing you with a truly immersive audio performance free of stereo speaker cabling problems. For the most optimal audio enjoyment, there are four preset sound modes and one equalizer setting for you to match the music of your choice.

Big 100″ Picture at Under 8ft
The HT1075 lets you have customizable choices for projector placement. With the horizontal and vertical keystone features, almost anywhere you can conveniently position your projector. If you’re putting your projector on a coffee table or a side table, under 8 feet you can create a beautiful 100-inch wide picture-making big-screen home entertainment in just about every living room possible.

Spectacular Full HD 1080p Picture Performance
Experience true-to-life image quality brought to you by the 1080p Full HD optimized optical system from BenQ, which consists of a projection lens consisting of only glass-made lens components. And you can appreciate the highest quality and sharpness in your favorite high-definition multimedia material – from Blu-ray DVDs to video games and HD broadcasting.

Superior Contrast Performance with DarkChip3
The HT1075 is designed with advanced DarkChip3 DLP technology from Texas Instrument that projects higher brightness and deeper black rates by filling in the region where the digital micromirror interacts with its character to produce smooth, film-like image quality.

With BenQ’s SmartEco Technology save more on power consumption
SmartEco Technology has mastered what a DLP projector can do, offering lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and optimized projection through dynamic power savings, uncompromised brightness, excellent picture quality, and optimized lamp existence. With this breakthrough, through innovative power-saving apps, schools and companies can save up to 70 percent of lamp power consumption and lower maintenance costs while bringing an ultra-vivid viewing experience into every presentation.

Extra Installation Freedom can be found for flexible zoom and lens Shift
Say goodbye to adjusting the furniture of your home to suit your projector or to stack books under it to repair the projection. The HT1075 is equipped with a 1.3x versatile zoom that allows remodeling-free projector installation with an impressive range of projection distances, to free your living space. With the Lens Shift hardware feature, this home projector can correct the projected image location by shifting it upwards by 110 percent to 130 percent – without compromising the image quality.

Colorific Technology Delivers Lifelike Color, Year After Year

BenQ uses Colorific technology to optimize images for different applications such as presentations, films and spreadsheets and photos with unique color balance effects. Through BenQ Colorific projector produces more than a billion colors by combining up to six different colors to produce vibrant images that are fit for life. For exceptional visibility, higher impact and greater legibility, you will also encounter dramatic contrasts. Colorific projectors by BenQ are effective year by year. From day one to a decade later, you can rely on the colors to stay the same – without the possibility of fading, ghosted images, or yellowing.

Optoma HD141X The Super-sized Home Entertainment

The all-digital home entertainment projector Optoma HD141X provides a considerable overall cinematic quality output, providing a dazzling 3000 lumens bright picture with a marvelous 20,000:1 contrast ratio. The bright HD141X is designed for a super-sized 1080p projector and is great for watching TV shows, sports, and movies or even playing action-packed video games with a big screen. The Optoma HD141X is unusual for its class and gives the Keystone Correction advantage. Stun your mates with fine detail on the picture as well as excellent color reproduction.

• The projector is a really good price for Full HD resolution and has a long lifespan of the lamp
• Tremendous bright with 3000 “pure” lumens • Good colors, clear and well-defined image
• More than watchable with natural light
• Easy to set up and use with 2 HDMI inputs
• Low fan noise CON
• Major picture quality issues with certain sources.

• The specific zoom feature on the projector does not substantially alter the display size
• Text from the PC is unreadable in some display areas
• This is a projector that you will require from a distance
• Displays rainbow objects
• Full HD 1080p resolution, great for watching movies, HDTV, Sports and Gaming
• All digital access, 2x HDMI ports quick access to all your video sources
• MHL compatibility, watching movies or playing games from your mobile devices
• Full 3D compatibility; immerse yourself in your favorite 3D movie or video games
• Built-in powerful 10 Watt audio The Optoma HD141X all-digital house. HD141X offers high definition film quality, HD 1080p video and produces a beautiful 3000 lumens bright picture with an impressive contrast ratio of 20,000:1. Fantastic image detail and superior color reproduction amaze your mates with this. Filled with advanced features, the Optoma HD141X brings your home entertainment to the next level: 2x HDMI ports, MHL connectivity, full 3D connectivity VESA 3D Sync port for seamless synchronization with your favorite Blu-ray 3D player, Xbox, PS3, PS4, and other gaming consoles. It also has a powerful10-Watt audio, Dynamic black for enhanced black rates, 12V jack for motorized screen automation, back-lit remote, up to 6500 hours lamp life and whisper-quiet fan for full viewing pleasure …

HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) – 3000 Lumens

The all-digital home entertainment projector Optoma HD141X is suitable for viewing films, TV shows, sports, and action-packed video games on screens up to a diagonal 300′′.
HD141X offers high definition film quality, HD 1080p video and produces a beautiful 3000 lumens bright picture with an impressive contrast ratio of 20,000:1. Fantastic image detail and superior color reproduction amaze your mates with this.

Packed with innovative features, the Optoma HD141X brings your home entertainment to the next level: 2x HDMI ports, MHL support, full 3D compatible VESA 3D Sync port for seamless synchronization with your favorite Blu-ray 3D player, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and other gaming consoles. It also features powerful 10-Watt audio, DynamicBlack for enhanced black rates, 12V jack for motorized screen automation, back-lit remote, up to 6500 hours lamp life, and whisper-quiet fan for optimum viewing pleasure.

Full 3D Compatibility
Optoma projectors can view true 3D content from virtually every 3D source including 3D Blu-ray players, 3D television and consoles of the latest generation of games. Support for a high refresh rate of 144Hz offers photos that are free of ultra-smooth flicks.

Dynamic Black
This function gives your picture more dimension by changing the lamp output smoothly, based on each frame’s brightness information; to create a stunning high contrast ratio. Bright scenes appear bright and simple while dark scenes remain complex with deep blacks and remarkable nuances of light and shadow

MHL Connectivity

Convert your projector into a smart display by using MHL to connect your smartphone or tablet to a single cable; now you can play games, stream videos and share images on the big screen.

BrilliantColor Technology
The HD141X uses BrilliantColor Technology of Texas Instrument.

For pin-sharp graphics and crystal-clear text, DLP projectors use advanced color processing to deliver outstanding contrast ratios. The crisper whites and the ultra-rich blacks mean that pictures come alive and the text can be read easier.

DLP Engineering Creates razor-sharp images and stunning videos with impressive colors and brightness while offering durability and longevity to the world level. Advantages: Consistent Color Accuracy – BrilliantColor delivers on-screen accurate and vivid colors with up to 6-color processing. Outstanding readability-The dark blacks and bright whites ensure that text and graphics are easy to read with strong native contrast ratios. Quick Digital Video Quality – The DLP chip has a super-fast response time of 16 microseconds and can comfortably accommodate refresh rates of up to 144Hz.
Green By Design The HD141X was developed and created to be environmentally friendly.

(1) use 0.5-Watt power usage in standby mode – savings of up to 75 percent compared to idle mode;
(2) restrict energy use with automatic shutdown and remote control;
(3) use long-lived materials and components;
(4) use lead-free components on all printed circuit boards;
(5) use no polystyrene foam in packaging materials; and
(6) comply with RoHS standards t
How is the HD141X stronger than its forerunner, the HD131Xe?
500 more lumens, greater Dynamic Black contrast and it’s all digital: 2x HDMI ports, one with MHL compatibility so you can connect your smartphone or tablet to a single cable.

BenQ W1070 The Projector That Offers Very Good Picture Quality For The Price

BenQ W1070 DLP Projectors work with high contrast ratios for the ideal rendering of modest text, fine lines and dark details of the scene. Blacks are generally deeper and the overall quality of the image is also much more concentrated and clean. The presentations will probably be readable without effort plus remarkably successful, even from the back row of a well-lit location. With a brightness of 2000 ANSI Lumens, you’ll be amazed by outstanding overall image results. This user-friendly interface includes built-in speakers as well as quick set-up seal the deal.

• Frightening price picture quality, which includes decent black levels
• Excellent color fidelity in standard mode
• 3D playback is fantastic without getting crosstalk (double picture)
• Better than average contrast of 1300:1 with a 1% white test card
• Limited rainbow effect, even though it can be seen
once in a while
• No 3D glasses are included •
• Low-level shadow information is crushed
• Noisy fan
• Lens change range
• Virtually no motion compensation
• Plug-and-play built-in speakers are ready, only power cord and video source link are required to prepare the viewing experience.
• 2 HDMI video and play source inputs
• The SmartEco Mode, which controls the lamp power cleverly to optimize power savings by providing the best contrast and brightness efficiency using only as much light as possible.
• Automatic switch to Eco Blank Mode after the projector is switched on without display source for more than three minutes, reducing excessive energy consumption and prolonging the life of the projector light.
• The W1070 is ISF certified for configuration in any environment, providing customized color output adjustment in both day and night modes that can conform to the layout, size and ambient light levels of any space.

BenQ W1070 1080P 3D Home Theater Projector Full-HD content in perfect, 1080p resolution from several HDMI x 2 devices and numerous connectivity view greater SmartEco lamp saving technology provides great energy savings and delivers amazing quality.

Go Big, Stay Home
Enjoy 1080p Full-HD image projection in the comfort of your living room with the W1070 Home Entertainment Projector, up to 200 inches. You’ll be captivated by brilliant picture output using Texas Instrument’s native 1080p DarkChip3 DLP Technology, a contrast ratio of 10,000:1, and a brightness of 2000 lumen. Simple set-up and built-in speakers seal the deal on this user-friendly experience.

Full HD 1080p and 3D Support
Showcase Full-HD content in clear, 1080p resolution and experience Blu-ray, video games and HD broadcast in stunning, high-contrast quality, without downscaling or compression. The W1070 supports various 3D formats – including HDMI, Blu-Ray, 3D display, video games, and NVIDIA 3DTV PC streaming – for full viewing in 1080p Full-HD. Thanks to DLP technology and new glasses built for comfort and optimum image clarity, you’ll enjoy smooth viewing without crosstalk. Play with multiple HDMI x 2 computers, and multiple networking options.

World-Leading SmartEco Technology, Green Up Your Living Room

BenQ’s SmartEco technology has mastered what a DLP projector can do in-home entertainment, offering lower maintenance costs and customized projection by dynamic power saving, uncompromised brightness, excellent picture quality, and customized lamp life. With this specific breakthrough, you can save up to 70 percent of the lamp power consumption and lower maintenance costs through innovative power-saving features while providing ultra-vivid picture quality in every living room. The SmartEco Mode adjusts the lamp power cleverly to maximize power savings, providing the best contrast and brightness performance using just as much light as needed.

No Source Detected Mode
When the projector is switched on for more than three minutes without a display source, the projector will automatically switch to Eco Blank Mode, reducing excessive energy consumption and prolonging the life of the projector light.

The BenQ Benefit

• Wrong. About 1 billion colors – from several LCD projectors, compared to 16.7 million
• Crisp. Clear, high contrast image–3x more contrast than comparable top-selling LCD models.
• Full-HD 1080p Projector
• 3D support for Blu-ray, video games and more
• 2 HDMI inputs
• Built-in microphones
• SmartEco technology extends lamp life
• Optimized color output in the day and night modes

Colorific Technology Delivers Lifelike Color, Year After Year

Trust BenQ to produce for bright, life-like light. Colorífic from BenQ is the only way to view your projected pictures, from business presentations and educational facilities to exciting events and home entertainment. The DLP technology of BenQ projectors displays more than one billion beautiful colors, compared to only 16.7 million of other LCD projectors of the same size. Projectors equipped with Colorific technology can provide up to 3x more contrast than comparable top-selling LCD models, mixing up to 6 different colors to produce vivid, true to life images versus standard 3-color LCD architecture. Enjoy darker blacks and more luminous whites to make pictures easier to read, with consistent image quality — no light loss or color quality reduction over time. Color images are similar today and years from now.

Taotaole Multi-media 150 Lumens Great For Outdoor Movie Night
There are many projectors available on the market that suit several of the range of micro, mini or maybe Picco. I came across the Taotaole Multi-media 150 Lumens Micro Projector T30 Portable LED Projection. It is just a small size LED projector with lots of inputs. It comes with AV connectors that allow external devices to output your audio. The projector is worth the money entirely well. It is extremely low priced. I purchased it out to play a big-screen movie for our family outdoors. It’s not bright enough to play at night, but after dark, it seems amazing. Particularly bright.

• Easily transportable projector with realistic remote control
• Audio is appropriate for a projector of this size
• Incredibly outstanding price
• Offering multiple inputs

• Picture quality can be great, but it can still be viewed at less price
• Other platforms and codec are not recognized.

• Shows rainbow glitches and hearable fan noise
• Market-ready HD port LCD projector
• Natural resolution:320 * 240;brightness:150 lumens;contrast:500:1;aspect ratio: 4:3/16:9
• Image size:30-100 inches, projection distance:1.2-4.0 m
• AV / VGA / USB / SD / HDMI / Micro USB multi-function input
• Business presentation NOT recommended.

Ideal for your home theater and games Power bank with micro USB cable might power the projector.

Primary function: Multimedia Protable Mini LED Projector
Image system: LCD Lamp: LED
Specific function: keystone capable of correcting pics
Native resolution:320 * 240
Supported resolution:1920 * 1080
Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9
Brightness:150 Lumens
Focus: Manual
lens: F=125 Image size:30- Inches
Projection distance:1.2- m
Projection mode: front projection O

Projection Source: USB jack / Memory SD card / VGA/ External from AV in
Ports: USB 3-in-1 / AV in / SD card / VGA / 3.5mm earphone / DC-in
OS Language: English, Spanish, Czech, Polski, Russian, Deutsch etc.
Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output: DC12V
Power waste:30W
Speaker: 2.0W *2
Size:170*136*70 mm
Multimedia Player Support File Formats:
Video encoding format: MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/DivX/Xvid
Audio format: MP3/WMA/WAV
Image format: JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG
E-book format: TXT
Package Includes:
1x User manual
1x Power adaptor
1x Remote control / 1x 3 in 1 AV cable
1 x Projector

Epson PowerLite 1761W, WXGA, Wireless, Compact and Powerful 3LCD Multimedia Projector

The Epson 1761W Multimedia PowerLite is an outstanding performance projector. 1.5 lbs lighter than almost all of the entrants, and half as big. The wireless link is easy to set up and works well as well. The projected life of the bulb is usually somewhat low but so is the cost of replacing the bulb. The 1761W PowerLite is certainly light plus compact. I love the fact I can hook up three separate computers with all the inputs. And, in general, the protection solutions are also most useful.

• The input choice and the sync process is very user friendly
• Excellent data and video image quality
• Excellent price for the apps
• Approximately any input is successful • Slim and ultra-light

• Configuration and even wireless communication might be a little difficult
• Signs of tinting in some data pictures
• Frame rates are far too sluggish for movies
• Loudspeaker could be louder
• No speaker jack port
• 2600 Lumens Color Brightness
• 2600 Lumens White Brightness
• WXGA 720p Widescreen resolution

Powerful Performance. Ultraportable Design

Its sleek, and 2600 lumens (color light output) 2 lightweight design, wireless projection
and 2600 lumens (white light output) 2 make it simple for the Epson PowerLite 1761W to create brilliant widescreen presentations. Weighing just 3.7 livres. And only 1.7′′ tall, the 1761W PowerLite is ready to travel when you’re in. The PowerLite 1761W sports native WXGA widescreen resolution with value, comfort, and output — a must-have for delivering HD video content. Take advantage of wireless capabilities and present wirelessly (compatible with the Epson iProjection app) from your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

3X Brighter Colors With Epson
Brilliant image quality requires high color brightness. Epson 3LCD projectors are 3 times
brighter than the leading competitive projector.
Rich, Vibrant Color And Reliable Performance
3LCD, 3–chip technology and C2Fine technology.
Bright and Colorful
Features 2600 color brightness lumens (color light output) 2
and 2600 white brightness lumens (the white light output).

WXGA Resolution
It offers high definition and is ideal for widescreen (16:10) displays.
Simple Setup
A suite of innovative features that ensure flexible placement and make setup fast and easy.
HDMI Connectivity
Includes optical, HDMI audio and video connection,
with only one cable for HD quality.

Included WiFi module for easy connection to notebooks or mobile devices.
Wirelessly project from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android mobile device.
High Definition
Display HD content, precise detail for smooth image quality and crisp.

What’s In The Box
•PowerLite 1761W projector
•Power cable
•Computer cable (VGA)
•USB cable
•Projector remote control with batteries
•Soft carrying case
•User manual CD
•EasyMP software CD
•Quick Setup Sheet
•Wireless LAN module

Epson EX7235 Pro, WXGA Widescreen HD, Excellent Projector For Business Purposes

This Epson EX7235 Pro is certainly beautiful, excellent photos and user-friendly. This specific portable projector of professional quality is suitable for bringing content from laptops, tablets or even smartphones to your big screen. It also includes a standard Wi-Fi adapter which, at its price point, happens to be uncommon for projectors. Another reason I bought this projector because of the easy use of the setup.

• Comes with Wi-Fi adapter
• Extra VGA and USB cable
• Incredibly simple to set up. Simply hook up and go
• Bluetooth is a fantastic tool
• The fan is certainly noiseless; the bulb is not running hot
• Excellent data and the quality of the video picture

• MHL support for MHL-enabled devices
• No 3D projection
• No audio-out port
• Wi-Fi dongle may not be pre-installed
• No Wi-Fi or USB buffering material
• Weak mobile apps optimized for Wi-Fi
• 3x Brighter Colors and consistent output – 3LCD, 3-chip technology
• One brightness measurement is not enough – look for high color brightness and high white balance. The EX7235 Pro has: Strength of colour, 3000 lumens and White Light, 3000 lumens
• Professional projector – pose as a widescreen HD monitor, WXGA resolution and advanced connectivity
• Wireless networking – link directly to your laptop with the wireless LAN m included.

The professional-grade, wireless HD projector with remarkable connectivity.

Show as a pro — view widescreen HD images from your laptop and impress customers with the new wireless connectivity using the EX7235 Pro. A professional-grade portable projector is ideal for bringing content to the big screen from laptops, tablets or smartphones. Epson 3LCD projectors deliver 3x Brighter Colors1 than competitive models, offering bright, vibrant pictures. With 3000 color brightness lumens and 3000 white brightness lumens, the EX7235 Pro offers larger-than-life presentations wherever the company takes you. Support for HDMI and MHL means you can present from smartphones and tablets powered by MHL. And, the latest feature of Epson’s on-screen QR code link makes wireless

3x Brighter Colors with Epson
Brilliant image quality requires high color brightness (color light output), and 3x Brighter Colors have Epson 3LCD projectors than leading competitive projectors.
HDMI Connectivity All-digital HDMI connectivity — connect to the latest devices, including smartphones, tablets and more enabled with MHL.

Bright and vibrant features 3000 color brightness lumens (color light output), and 3000 white brightness lumens (white light output).

Simple Setup Suite Epson offers a host of revolutionary features that ensure fast set up in any room; horizontal image correction from Easy-Slide and auto vertical correction.

Professional-grade projector WXGA Resolution — pose like a pro with HD widescreen, WXGA resolution, and advanced connectivity.
Healthy, vivid color and reliable performance 3 chips for up to 3x DLP projectors with brighter colors.

Convenient wireless apps (including wireless LAN module) Attach directly to laptops, tablets or smartphones (present without a wireless network); link wirelessly to a network; make your projector display or monitor/control; Free Epson iProjection Software for Apple iOS and Android;
MHL, the latest in wired networking Leave your laptop at home; view MHL-enabled smartphone and tablet content; use the remote projector to power MHL-enabled devices; upload your MHL-enabled computer when connected to the projector.

Other features
• Project from your mobile or tablet — leave your laptop at home; link wirelessly with the free Epson iProjection App
• Facilitate wireless setup — the simple on-screen QR code feature makes configuration simpler than ever
• Wireless networking — attach directly to your laptop with the included Wireless LAN module What’s in Box
• EX7235 Pro Wireless Projector
• Powerless Projector
• USB cable
• Wireless LAN module
• Soft carrying case
• Battery-powered remote projector
• User manual CD
• Simple setup sheet

ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA DLP Great Indoor/Outdoor Projector

The compact model of the ViewSonic PJD5134 is designed for tabletop use or even to be placed on a ceiling in both classrooms and corporate offices. As a budget-priced, low-resolution portable data projector, the PJD5134 offers very good image quality along with a great range of communication options. The projector is undoubtedly 3D Ready and due to its HDMI input, it can probably play 3D content using a 3D Blu-ray player. A budget, portable data projector, the ViewSonic PJD5134 holds its own.

• The very good picture quality of data
• Good range of networking options
• Lightweight and compact
• 3-year warranty
• Free from rainbow items
• Low price
• Perfect lamp life
• 3D ready

• A few pixelations can be found with tiny text but not to the extent of being unreadable.
• Aspect ratio – 4:3 that could decrease your video if your space is low
• Poor audio
• Feeble HDMI cable
• SVGA 800600 DLP, 3,000 ANSI lumens brightness and 15,000:1 contrast ratio
• HDMI, dual VGA, composite, S-video, RS232, VGA / audio back, a speaker built-in
• 3D Blu-ray enabled, vertical keystone correction, 1.1x optical zoom lens, remote control •

The PJD5134 is an SVGA 800600 DLP high-performance projector with 2800 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 15000:1. This projector features HDMI, Dynamic ECO, various PC and video input options, 1.1x optical zoom, keystone correction, and built-in speaker. The PJD5134 will view 3D content directly from the 3D Blu-ray player, using the new HDMI. Presenters can place the PJD5134 in “standby” mode by using Dynamic ECO Technology to minimize brightness down to 30 percent when they need to change the attention of the audience without restarting the projector. Filterless architecture and energy-saving eco mode ensure virtually zero maintenance and durability of the goods.
• • •The PJD5134 portable style is suitable in both classrooms and corporate offices for tabletop use or ceiling mounting.

Core Features:
• 3,000 ANSI lumens for clear and vivid images
• BrilliantColor technology offers outstanding display quality
• Free maintenance, filter-free design
• Long-lasting accurate image quality & superior color efficiency
• 3D Blu-ray ready with HDMI
• 6-segment color wheel design, auto source detection, HD signal support & built-in speaker
• DynamicEco technology for complete color wheel design
• Small & light mobility
• Industry-leading warranty: 3 years limited to parts and labor, 1 year limited to lamp and 1-year free Express Exchange service *