Top 7 Pellet Stoves Review And Buying Guide

Englander is one of the most popular makers of almost all kinds of pellet stoves. They have a well-recognized brand name and a very wide variety of products and their legendary name is very synonymous to high grade and very reliable pellet stoves. The Englander pellet stoves are the gold standard for many. The well built, they last for a long time and they are priced very competitively.

The main advantage of using these pellet stoves can be attributed to a variety of reasons. The lists of reasons are very long and are very comprehensive. The first and foremost reason is due to the type of fuel used. This is nothing but wood, but the reason for such effective nature of this fuel is that the entire pellet consists of highly compressed chunks of wood. The very high compression of wood has certain significance when being used as a fuel. They have highly desirable properties when combusted, they can instantly catch fire and can produce very large and sustainable amounts of heat. This makes this means of fire very good and advantageous.

There is also no shortage of pellet supply as well, this means that you can instantly get fuel where ever you desire. This makes it highly usable for those in remote areas; there are a huge number of suppliers who are fighting over one another in order to establish a good market base for one another. So there is a very good possibility that the rates of these fuels may have a fall in prices in the future as well. So it is highly advantageous to make use of such stoves.

These stoves are also highly fuel-efficient. They are very small in size so it means a higher level of portability, so you can carry this stove on your truck to any place you want even if you have decided to hike somewhere in the forests. These stoves also have a sleek design that integrates them neatly into your home walls as well, so it does not require a great deal of space but also makes very efficient heating possible. This makes very advantageous to make such a buy.

Another great thing is that all the current products of Englander are highly improvised based on the most recent and path-breaking scientific breakthroughs. All the current stoves are electronically controlled. This means that you are given the latest chip controlled stove which can maintain the room temperature within plus or minus .5 degrees; this is a very great degree of precision for such a small machine.

This product by the Englander Company is truly a wonderful one and it has acclaimed praises from almost all critics for its performance and other aspects. This truly is a wonderful product that everyone must try out for a cozy home.
Enviro Pellet Stoves

The Enviro brand of pellet stoves is manufactured by the Sherwood industries. They produce various heating products. They are located in north Victoria on the island of Vancouver in British Columbia.

They have great manufacturing facilities that have state of the art technologies like computer-aided design (CAD) and steel cutting state of the art LASER technologies that are aimed at giving the most efficient designs that are suitable for your house with the very highest standards of technology. The enviro has been producing not only pellet stoves but also wood and superior quality gas. They are the leaders in the industry for many continuous years since 1988. There are many secrets to the success of enviro pellet stoves.
Their attention to even minute details and the best quality has made them number one in the market.

They are having the most rigorous quality standards when it concerns pellet stove making. They are growing at double pace when compared with other stove makers. They are exporting pellet stoves all over the world. There are a lot of distributor networks that take care of the enviro pellet stoves sale. Distributors, in turn, have dealers. The dealers are responsible for the installation of the stoves and their servicing. The enviro aims at producing stoves with pleasing designs. They pay attention to details. They only use superior quality materials in construction. They have the most advanced engineering techniques coupled with the best professionals in the field. They can well be considered as a beautiful supplement to our homes.

The enviro makes gas products, pellet stoves, and fireplace products. They produce the free-standing, inserts for fireplace and fireplace stoves. Their pellet stoves are made to perfection. The enviro engineering professionals have taken the stoves to a high level in terms of reliability and efficiency.

This is achieved by the combination of technical knowledge and technological improvements. Fuels cost is raising day by day, but the wood pellets have managed to remain cheap forever. The enviro wood pellet stoves are desirable and affordable. Enviro even produces multi-fuel stoves. Enviro stoves have the highest efficiency when it comes to pellet burning.

The enviro omega was the award winner in recent times. They have self-ignition. Their BTU range is about 60,000. They have automatic controls. The fan is of variable speed and is 200 cm. The efficiency is 80%. The operating system used is tri-mode. They have both automatic and manual high-low and on-off options.

The glass viewing region is 180 sq. there is a heat exchanger removing and cleaning system. The sides of stoves can be painted to suit your tastes. The hopper is really easy to handle and is of 140 lbs. they will surely decorate the room. The burner is a uniquely multi-fuel burner. Both high and poor quality pellets are burnt easily. The burner has the option of self-cleaning. A variety of fuels can be burnt with this enviro pellet stove.

All these features make the enviro pellet stoves the most desired and efficient stoves in the market till date.

Harman Pellet Stove

Harman produces a variety of stoves including pellet stoves, corn stoves, and gas stoves. Harman pellet stoves are very well received in the market and they enjoy people’s high regard.

The pioneer models of Harman are the Harman XXV stoves, Harman P68 pellet stove, PRO 38 Plus, Harman advanced, Harman Accentra, Harman P62, P61A, and Harman PC45 pellet stoves. The Harman XXV is their twenty-fifth-anniversary stove. So naturally, that should be a special make.

The Harman is in the line of stove business for the past twenty-five years and they know what exactly the customers are looking for. Those include the pellet convenience, usage of cast iron and BTU value. Keeping these attributes in mind the Harman took the initiative of creating a modern and efficient pellet stove and the end product is the Harman XXV profile. This model is so easy to clean and has a large ash pan. It has a self-ignition and a good choice of venting.

There is automatic temperature control that is taken care of by the thermostat. They have the 25th year celebration logo and it is really beautiful. Harman is known for its functionality, beauty and most importantly the quality. The latch is made of a special roller and hook door. There is an ESP control. They do have automatic ignition. They have a special room sensor. As I said before, their ash pan is large and unique. The combustion blower is air-cooled. They are really slick and fit. The feeder and burn pot if Harman pellet stoves are patented. They are easy to clean and simple to access.

Harman’s other noble production is their P68 stoves. When the room is warm enough, the Harman P68 immediately shuts down and they will reignite when there is a need for heat. It’s a class of its own. They adopt laser technology for accessory designs. You just have to set the temperature after filling the pellets in the hopper. The Harman takes care of the next. They have a PSB probe that controls the feed motors and thus stops the pellet feed, which results in the shutting down of the heater. Most of their body region is made of glass. Harman has a high reputation in the pellet stove business.

Lopi Pellet Stoves

What is so special about Lopi pellet stoves? Are they superior over pellet stoves of other brands? The specialty of Lopi pellet stoves is their solid craftsmanship and the good reputation that they have in the market in their line of business and yes they are of superior quality. Let’s get straight into the review of their product.

They are crafted with design and have safe controls. Their pellets stove have a thermostat for the control of temperature. The heat produced by them is enough for entire homes. Their important features are as follows. They are made with smart heat advanced technology. Their ease of temperature control using a thermostat. They can be bought according to your taste. The heat exchanger is welded with heavy-duty.

They are really simple to operate. Their hopper size is 60 lbs. Their controls are safe and concealed. The ash drawer is extra large and can be accessed easily. The burn pot is made up of cast iron, and the important feature is that it is self-cleaning. Their internal components are accessed easily. The thermostat works very well along with a very good self ignite.The pellet vent well made. Their average heating range is 1800 square feet. They do have a limited warranty.

Another freestanding stove coming from the Llopis is the famous Lopi pioneer pellet stoves. Their design is attractive. They are crafted tastefully. They are adequate to heat a single-family home. This Lopi pellet stove also has self-ignition. Their components are easily accessible. The hopper size is 55 lbs. they are top-loading. The burn time of the pioneer Lopi pellet stove is normally 55 hours. Their BTU value is 28,700. This is their heat value.

The combustion blower is of variable speed. The temperature can either be controlled manually or automatically. They have a big ash pen. They have a simple and quiet procedure of operation. Their thermostat is unique in their functioning. They usually heat places of about 1700 square feet. They have a convection system and they are made of two stages.

Another Lopi pellet stove that is fast moving in the market is the Yankee type. They have an automatic ignite with really handy components. They are designed to be top-loading. Their hopper is large and can hold about 125 lbs. the time they take to burn a single pellet load is around 70 hours. The BTU value is 45.000. The combustion blower is of variable speed. The burn pot is well crafted. They have got the approval of the EPA. They are tested in the OMNI laboratory. They have a good thermostat. Their two-stage convection system is simple. They are capable of heating up to 2,300 square feet.

Lopi pellet stoves are not only efficient but also attractive. There are various other models in addition to the above mentioned three. They are available at fixed prices. More importantly, they are available according to your taste.

Quadrafire Pellet Stove

There are a variety of brands of pellet stoves available in the market. But only some have consistency in performance. In that matter, one can say without any doubt that Quadrafire pellet stoves are the best. They are the consistent providers of efficient pellet stoves that really produce the responsible heating.

The carbon dioxide pollution is an alarming issue when it comes to greenhouse effects. Wood pellet stoves that are produced by Quadrafire are carbon neutral. They don’t result in any carbon dioxide accumulation in the environment. Thus Quadrafire pellet stoves are safe to the surroundings.

The pellet stoves made by Quadrafire makers are fully automatic. You need not do any adjustments. They even have self-ignition functionality. They can maintain the inside temperature with the help of a thermostat. They will calculate the heat in the house and switch on or off accordingly, even if you are present in the place. The Quadrafire makers don’t confine themselves with wood pellet stoves. They also make advanced series stoves that can use various fuels including sunflower seeds, wheat, and corn. You have to just make sure there is enough fuel in the hopper. Other things are taken care of by the pellet stoves.

It is possible to save the money that you are spending for fuel, once you change to Quadrafire pellet stoves. Not only are they cost-effective but also highly efficient. The wood pellets are obtained from pellet mills and sawdust. The pellet stoves not only heats the home but is also capable of providing heating effects in big industrial firms. The thermostat used is called as the wall thermostat. The Quadrafire makers produce different kinds of pellet stoves including the famous Castile, Vernon, Santa and the classic bay 1200.

The Quadrafire pellet stoves are technically superior. The feed systems of the stoves are jam-free and the automatic ignition that they use is patented. The firepot is made such that the cleaning can be done much simpler. The heat exchanger of Quadrafire pellet stoves is made up of aluminum. The emission produced by these stoves is really much lower than the other brands. They are about 0.6 grams per hour.

The stoves comfortably heat a home of two thousand square feet. The panels are made in Europe with superior quality iron. They are designed with precision and at most care. They are not only functionally good but are looks great. Castile BTU range is between 9,000 and 30,000. The hopper has a capacity of forty lbs. wood pellets and corn can be used as fuels. Their total weight is nearly 260 lbs. the classic bay has an adjustable blower system that is really unique. Their burn system is patented.

Their ignition system is really revolutionary. Their finish is flawless and looks great. The view door of the pellet is available in two types. One is the classic black and the other one is made of lustrous gold framing. Quadra fire pellet stoves are beautiful and efficient.

Whitfield Pellet Stoves

Whitfield offers different models of pellet stoves. They produce fireplace insert and freestanding stoves. Cascade is one of the models available in Whitfield, which is very attractive. The BTU per hour is about 30,000. The hopper is of sixty pounds. A single pellet load will burn at the least for forty hours. Any type of wood pellets can be burned within the Whitfield pellet stoves.

Whitfield’s other famous model profiles twenty models. It is of medium size. The Whitfield pellet stoves are famous for their convenience and efficiency. The BTU range is around 33,000. The hopper is fifty-five ponds larger and they are capable of burning pellets non-stop for 36 hours. Whitfield profile number 30 is a larger one. The room temperature is correctly controlled by a thermostat. The Whitfield is very well known for its excellent crew of customer service. They offer you the best pellet stoves in the business.

Kozi Pellet Stove

Kozi Pellet stoves offer the ultimate experience. They are technologically outstanding and are very distinctive from the rest. They are capable of burning any pellet grades. They are very friendly to the environment. They are affordable. They offer a clean burn of pellets. That means that you will be able to burn even low-quality pellets with at most cleanliness. They light their fire automatically. They burn at the right output.

They have a direct vent. There are shields to prevent the heating of the sides. Tiles are decoratively etched. They appear like a wood fire. Thanks to the ceramics usage. They are known for their quiet operation. Automatic ash removal with a handle is a special feature.

Timber Ridge Pellet Stoves

Timber Ridge Pellet Stoves are known for their quality and special features. Timber Ridge has been in business since 1975 and it was founded by Bob England. Timber Ridge is located in U.S. Route 29 in Monroe, VA.

Special Features found in Timber Ridge Pellet Stoves include:
•Built-in blower system
•One-touch ignition
•Thermostat adaptable
•Built-in air wash system for cleaner glass.